“Sandy is a wonderfully warm and caring ‘Intuitive” who clearly can link between this physical world and the divine realm.  Her kind manner is gentle and supportive as she reveals meaningful messages received and relayed.  I trust Sandy is connecting from beyond and I always enjoy the privilege of meeting with her one to one.”

Sonja, Auckland

“After having my 1st reading with Sandy, I have never in my life FELT so driven & determined to make my life the best I possibly can.  The best way I can describe it, it’s like I wasin the ocean without a life jacket on and a ship came to my rescue, thank you Sandy from my heart & soul, I now know for sure that I am never alone on the journey we call LIFE.”


“Before Xmas I came to see you as a pay it forward from somebody I work for. This in turn made me pay it forward for my daughter Sam who came to see you today. She absolutely loved it and I just wanted to tell you that it was probably the turning point for her to finally fulfill her life.

Thank you Sandy! You are a wonderful person to do what you do.”


“Sandy is a warm, welcoming and intuitive medium who has gifted me valuable reassurance from my spirit family in times of need.  I have found Sandy incredibly accurate, gently in her approach and with timely and specific comments to help to move forward by giving a fresh perspective often needed.  Sandy has not only helped me tremendously in the times I have seen her, but also many family members affected by grief where the feedback from each is the same sense of astonishment and joyful wonder as my experiences.  I highly recommend to anyone in a difficult spot or needing some reassurance and spiritual connection with their loved ones.”


“In life you meet many different people all gifted in their own way.  I was fortunate enough to meet with Sandy just when I needed guidance and sensitivity.  She is very kind and extremely accurate in her communication with spirit and is always in the presence of Angels.  I can throughly recommend her and feel very lucky for the time she gave me.  Thank you.”


“I had a reading with you yesterday Sandy, at the expo.  I just wanted to say thank you so much.  It was amazing and you are such a special person.  Thank you for your time and connection.”


“Sandy is a very gifted psychic and was remarkably accurate with the details that no one could have known. In a relaxed and friendly way she provided amazing proof of life after death, and when a sufficient quantity of proof had been provided by several family members in spirit, she proceeded to give messages relating to events that within a couple of weeks started to unfold.  Until my first reading with Sandy, I had never met her or known her.  She is a person of integrity who relays spirit messages in specific non-vague terms, and does not ask any questions.  I look forward to having future readings with her when I am next in New Zealand.  Of all the psychics I have met, she is one of the very best.”  

Dr S Paulo, UK

“…After 31 years of struggling with my husband and his mental health I feel you have given us a new beginning.  I have always been a strength to him but as I now face loosing my parents to old age and cancer I feel that I need a support system myself.  Life now has a new perspective for him and I now feel he has the strength to be a support to me. 

This reading has had a wider impact on the entire family.  About to face loosing yet another very valuable member of his extended family my husband began pulling away and becoming emotionally unavailable to me and our children.  After living a life full of grief and loss he has explored all that has been askedof him, medication and therapy all of which have been helpful but by no means a cure.  He is a good man but struggles knowinghis mental health impacts on his family. 

Upon recomendation of a friend my husband a reluctant sceptic agreed to give Sandy a go.  This has been the best therapy that he has ever received.  He was a different man from the moment he walked away from the appointment.  My husback received recongnition, validation and closure. This was a gift to al of us as he heels he now has all the tools to put things into perspective.

It has now been several months since our appointment and we are forever grateful for this life changing gift.  Sandy was extremely accurate and professional, she handled some very sensitive topics with care and consideration.  We related to all that was given and had several things validated by other family members upon leaving.

I would highly recommend Sandy to anyone in fact have sent many referrals her way since.”


A feather is a sign from the angels.  It is a response to a question, a thought or an emotion.  It’s their way of saying “You are loved and are being guided through this by the angelic realm.”


” A friend recommended Sandy after my father died suddenly and I was having difficulty processing everything.  Sandy was amazing, the reassurance I felt and connetion to my Dad during the session helped me in moving forward. Sandy provides a safe space for you, tears, laughter and support.” Ngā mihi nui


“A few years ago I was asking someone if they knew of a good medium/clairvoyant in Christchurch and they gave me Sandy’s contact details. Ever since then, whenever I have felt I needed a boost from spirit (and sometimes I have needed a very big boost), I have asked Sandy for help and she has been there at just the right moment. Over time, it has become much more than a reading, as Sandy has used her knowledge, warmth and genuine love, with the help of spirit, to guide me (and confirm for me) which direction I needed to move towards, in this life. I will continue to ask Sandy for help when I need it and I will also continue to let my friends (and their friends) know of Sandy and her incredible and valuable gift. I will always be grateful that, when I asked for help, I was guided to Sandy.”


“I highly recommend Sandy, she is a gifted intuitive who has a wonderfully sunny and sensitive way of sharing spirit guide White Feather’s love and wisdom.  Thanks heaps for your generosity reminding us that we are holistically connected in all aspects of our lives, from mainstream business to family, friends, acquaintances, community and all beings (dogs especially!).  Thanks heaps.”

Hamish, Christchurch