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Spiritual Church Services

I work at 4 spiritual churches through out the Christchurch and Kaiapoi areas.

Please check the Friday Public Notices in the Christchurch Star for weekly details, including the mediums who will be available.

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched. They are felt within the heart”

Soul Connections

Public demonstration of Mediumship – Giving proof of life after death

Date:  1st Thursday of the month
Venue: Fendalton Croquet Club
Please check up coming mediums on their facebook

More at Soul Connections Facebook Page

Health & Wellbeing Expo(with a splash of spiritual) - Heaton Intermediate

Click to see upcoming dates

Heaton Intermediate

Saturday 27th March-11 am-4pm
No April Expo
Saturday 29th May-11 am-4pm
Saturday 26th June-11 am-4pm
Saturday 31st July-11 am-4pm
Saturday 28th August-11 am-4pm
Saturday 25th September-11 am-4pm
Saturday 30th October-11 am-4pm
Saturday 27th November-11 am-4pm
No December Expo